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Divine Mrs D said...

I wouldn't say that I had been 'nagging' my husband to propose, but I will say that he told me that he'd propose to me in 5 months and 5 months had come and gone and I was a bit upset.

But one day, I decided that, as long as he loved me, it would be okay. So the day before he proposed, I had written a story about how if he 'loved forever and proposed before never,' I'd always wait for him.

So we were going for a walk on a rainy October and he asked me if I wanted a coat and I told him that I'd just take his if he got cold and he laughed about it. On the way to the National Park we were going to, he was playing a CD of all of our songs and I thought it was really sweet.

We started walking on the path when I realized it was much colder then I thought it was. He put his coat around me and I realized that there was something in the pocket. I was trying SO HARD to act like it was nothing and he said, 'Look in the pocket.'

I took out the box and started crying and he said something to me that I didn't hear because I was crying and saying, 'Yes.' He just kind of stood there and I said, 'you have to put it on!' So he put it on and I asked him what he had said earlier.

'Will you be my wife?'

Loved it :) I wouldn't have had it any other way!

(Stopping by from SITS)

Forever Friends - said...

Divine Mrs D, I loved your proposal story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Beth-Forever Friends