Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Headquartered in New York, BridalTweet is a free online wedding community where brides, wedding vendors, and wedding bloggers can create meaningful relationships. At BridalTweet, brides can find free wedding advice, exclusive offers, giveaways, local events, and more. This is one of the first wedding communities that enables wedding vendors to have a voice - allowing for deeper marketing conversations. BridalTweet currently has 15,000 members since its recent inception in April of 2009 and membership increases daily.

About Christine Dyer:

Christine Dyer is a leading online marketing and social media executive with more than ten years of experience working at various advertising agencies, a Fortune 500 Company, and a major online publisher. A recent bride herself, she has most recently used her interactive expertise to create BridalTweet , the new wedding community that connects brides, wedding vendors, and wedding bloggers. Christine spends her time listening to the BridalTweet community in order to deliver the ultimate wedding experience for brides, wedding vendors, and bloggers.

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BridalTweet said...

Beth - Thanks for the amazing write up about BridalTweet! I truly appreciate your support. ...And your wedding invitations are beautiful! - Christine